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Question Of The Day Rules

1. You get two points for answering first, or one point for answering later.

2. Keep answering questions and accumulating points as much as possible.

3. The first person to get 40 points, wins the round.

(Read below for more detailed rules and instructions.)

How To Play
1. You get one point for answering a question, as long as the answer in some way pertains to the question. Your answer must be posted before a new question is made in order to get the point (so you can't go back and answer a bunch of old questions that you might have missed before).

2. Whoever is the first to answer a question for the day, gets a bonus point.

3. If the question is Actual Trivia, then the first person to give the correct answer gets a bonus point. (This bonus point does not in any way affect the bonus point for giving the first answer to the question. However, if the first person to post does give the correct answer, they will receive both bonus points and get three points total.)

4. Five points are given to anyone who somehow manages to post their answer to the question before me.

5. On rare occasions, I will give random bonus points for whatever reason I see fit. I do this because it's my game and I can do whatever I want, so don't argue with me. :)

How To Win
Day after day, you will accumulate points for continuing to answer questions. (Two points for being the first to answer one day, another point for answering the next day, gives you a total of three points.) This continues until the first person reaches 40 points wins the round. After someone has won a round, they will receive a prize, all scores will be reset to zero points, and a new round will begin the next day.

Why To Play
As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the winner of each round does receive a prize. The prizes are typically toys from the local Dollar Store. Additionally, it's just good fun to try to come up with witty answers to my questions. The best players can give a hilarious (or at least informative) answer to even the most boring questions.

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